The steps of a complete service

The complete service restores the functional and the aesthetic aspect of the watch. It includes the dismantling, the overhauling and replacement of all worn components in the movement.

Step 01 Disassembly of the case

The strap or bracelet is detached from the watch and the case is disassembled.

Disassembled watch

Step 02 Cleaning of the movement

The movement is taken apart and each component is thoroughly cleaned in an ultrasonic bath.

Watch movement cleaned in a ultrasonic bath

Step 03 Replacing of worn components

Each component of the movement is meticulously examined. Worn components are replaced with original OMEGA parts. For movements without a serial number, a technical upgrade to the latest movement version is performed, if applicable.

Small watch gear held with tweezers

Step 04 Reassembly and lubrication of the movement

The movement is meticulously reassembled. The OMEGA certified watchmaker lubricates contact points using all of his skills and the best lubricants. This guarantees an outstanding long-term performance of the movement.

Watch movement being lubricated

Step 05 Adjustment of the movement and control of its parameters

The rate of the movement is adjusted and its operational parameters checked against OMEGA's strict quality standard.

Watchmaker adjusting a watch movement with precision tools

Step 06 Cleaning and refurbishment of the case and bracelet

The shine of the case and metal bracelet is skillfully restored while preserving the original shape of each component.

Empty watch case held with white gloves

Step 07 Reassembly of the case and renewal of the water resistance

The case is reassembled and all gaskets ensuring the water resistance are replaced.

Watch gasket being replaced and tested
Watch gasket being replaced and tested
Watch gasket being replaced and tested

Step 08 Complete quality control

The functional and aesthetical parameters of the watch are checked against OMEGA's stringent quality standard.

Close-up view of an employee checking the quality of a watch

Complete Service Price

(VAT included)


Steel (including plated steel), titanium, ceramic

Calibre type Price


Bicolour, silver, gold, platinum, palladium

Calibre type Price

Service warranty

We give you a two year warranty on each intervention

We offer a twenty-four (24) month warranty on the work carried out. In the event of a fault covered by this warranty, we will, at our discretion and without cost, repair or replace any spare parts and/or rectify any faults as identified by our customer service. All other rights resulting from the faulty execution of our services are expressly excluded. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by accidents, lack of care or negligence. This warranty is rendered void if the work is carried out on the watch by persons who are not authorised to do so by OMEGA SA.